Consulting and management
as a service

An essential part of our family office services comprises the support of our clients' manifold business activities and interests. As a licensed Business Consultant, Magenhouse offers a comprehensive range of services and can even act as an externalized management unit in individual cases.

Support with the set-up of business entities

In close cooperation with our European network of lawyers and tax consultants, we can significantly facilitate the establishment of operating companies and holding companies in many countries for our clients. We support our clients as early as in the location selection process by providing expertise on the applicable corporate, trade and tax law framework. We then ensure that the actual formation process is prepared and carried out on site in the best possible way.

Assistance with the opening of business accounts

Increasing regulatory requirements relating to money laundering or tax transparency often make the opening of business accounts with banks a complex procedure. This is especially true for destinations that are not identical to the company's location. We accompany and advise our clients through such processes, supporting them in compiling, translating and certifying the required documents. In addition, we assist our clients in negotiating the most competitive banking conditions.

Negotiation, structuring and execution: The better deal

Our clients use our experience with commercial cross-border transactions to their advantage – especially in areas beyond their core competence. Examples would be the one-time procurement of a production plant by an Eastern European company in Germany or the first-time establishment of an ongoing supply contract with textile companies by a newly founded fashion boutique. If desired, Magenhouse is already at the table during the negotiations. Once the deal is closed, we advise on the choice of the appropriate structuring (e.g. a letter of credit transaction) and support in the processing.

Management as a service

If required, Magenhouse acts as an external management unit for its clients. This involves either clearly defined project management or the ongoing control of specific processes. As project manager, we assume overall responsibility for a specific project - always in close cooperation with those involved in the company and with external service providers. Examples of such projects would be the implementation of a marketing concept, the evaluation of certain company processes, and the implementation of new processes or technologies. A typical example of an outsourced and ongoing management task would be the selection, coordination and monitoring of external service providers of the family office.